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SEP? What is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner? Trauma Treatment

Priscilla Elliott Trauma Trichotillomania Skin Picking Therapist in Austin, Texas

This week I had the honor of receiving the new title of Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and can finally put 3 more letters behind my name, SEP. While other trauma informed psychotherapists know what this means, I realize that most of the general

Do I need more than Weekly Counseling?

Weekly counseling/psychotherapy tends to be the default frequency for sessions. There are studies that back this up as efficient and effective. It also allows for a consistent weekly rhythm for sessions. For various reasons, some clients may benefit from more


Shame is the most toxic aspect of BFRBs such as hair pulling and skin picking. Healing shame and becoming more resilient to shame may not be as visible as new hair growth or healed skin, but it is an essential

Mindfulness for Children

Mindfulness skills have proven helpful for so many people. Mindfulness can become a life style instead of a coping skill, and the more it is practiced the more effective it is. Mindfulness can serve to make us more resilient to

Neuroscience and Psychotherapy

Without a neurobiology background, some counseling approaches may appear odd, silly, or “woo woo.” Below is a link to a video that explains some of the science behind what I do. I am also happy to educate my clients in session