Community Resources for BFRBs

It is hard enough going out in public on a bad hair or skin day, but hiding your trichotillomania and skin picking disorder are nearly impossible with some services. Sadly, many people with a BFRB like trichotillomania or excoriation disorders avoid self care and medical care because they are afraid their disorders will be seen, misunderstood, and they may be judged or shamed for it.

This doesn’t mean that people with a BFRB must stay limited to specialized or sensitive professionals. If you are comfortable with any facility or provider who makes you happy and you like the work or help they provide- go with it! and let me know if they need to be added to my list to help others with a BFRB!

My hopes is that publishing this is a jumping off point to discover and share more resources after hearing back from our local BFRB community. So Please, share your feedback!



Amber Shastid, Private Room in Salon and In-Home Haircuts (Professional stylist who has been trained on trich by Priscilla Elliott and who is open to doing in-home haircuts)

Jacquie Nguyen, Stylist
512-745-2770 (cell)

I have heard of several more in town but was unable to confirm they are still actively seeing clients in Austin.

Ricky Knowles – Hair + Wellness (Houston area) – Recommended by a group member. Mostly does wigs/extensions/etc but also haircuts for people with trich and says about 40% of his clients have trich. From a group member: “I felt completely comfortable there and really inspired that he dedicates so much of his time to help people with this disorder.”

Tattoo- Permanent Make up and Medical Tattoos

Brow Rehab: Mary Rae Arvizu

Massage therapists

Laura Sanders, LMT & LE
call or text 512-906-9953


LePa Spa

Laura Sanders, LMT & LE
call or text 512-906-9953


Evans Dermatology
Erin McIntyre, NP
Colby Evans, MD
Lindsey Detwiler, PA-C

Austin Dermatologists

Eye Doctors

Dr Linda M Pak



Paula Bruno, PhD


Dale Hsieh, MD

Lori Fox, NP
(512) 430-1130

Denae Rickenbacker, MD

Physical Therapists

Shelbi Foti, PT, DPT

Parr PT in Austin & Houston, Texas and Steamboat Springs, Colorado


Thomas C. Gent, DDS
(512) 593-6758

I’m still seeking BFRB compassionate professionals for these categories:

Nail Salons
Gastroenterologist (Trichophagia can lead to serious conditions needing medical attention)
Orthopedics (Pain and Injury is common in adults with BFRBs due to repetitive use injuries to hands, neck, and back from picking and pulling in similar patterns over years.
Ear Nose Throat Doctor (ENT- Nose picking is an often unmentioned part of BFRBs that can lead to damage or infection that needs medical treatment.)

What other referrals I’m not thinking of that you wish we had?

Priscilla Elliott is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner in south Austin. She owns and provides psychotherapy at Courage Counseling, PLLC. While specializing in helping clients who are struggling with trauma, trichotillomania, and/or skin picking disorder; she also supports many in life transitions, anxiety, and depression. Call now for help: 512-673-3987