Group Therapy

We are STILL OPEN for Individual Counseling and Group Therapy. Due to Covid-19 precautions Online Telehealth Therapy only. 


Groups are currently Meeting on Google Meet! 


BOTH GROUPS ACCEPTING NEW MEMBERS! Interview with therapist required before joining either group. Contact me today to learn more!

Daytime Group – Ongoing

This open ended group is part educational and part therapy process. Each session you will learn effective ways to improve your picking and pulling, get to discuss with a BFRB specialist and other pickers/pullers exactly how you can use the skills best for your specific situation, get support for your setbacks and challenges, and share your successes. We also process the relationship, career, and general life stressors that frequently feed into episodes of picking or pulling. This group can help whether you are seeking help for the very first time or are already in recovery and working to prevent relapse. Meets Wednesday afternoons. Interview with therapist required before joining this group. ACCEPTING NEW MEMBERS

 Evening Group – Ongoing

Open ended group therapy for adults struggling with Trichotillomania (Hair Pulling Disorder) and/or Excoriation (Skin Picking Disorder). Explore life and relationship challenges that trigger your BFRB. Learn skills and tools to manage your BFRB. Feel great relief from the Shame of having a BFRB- Your are Not Alone! Meets Wednesday evenings. Interview with therapist required before joining this group. ACCEPTING NEW MEMBERS

Group Room at Courage Counseling by Priscilla Elliott
Group Room at Courage Counseling

About Groups at Courage Counseling

Who may attend?

Groups are open to adults who are ready to work on a Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors, such as Trichotillomania (hair pulling disorder), Excoriation (Skin Picking Disorder), Nail biting, or Chewing. Individual interview with group facilitator, Priscilla Elliott, required before starting.

What you will get from group:

  • A personalized “Picking/Pulling Profile” that evaluates your picking and pulling patterns in 5 different domains that are proven avenues to improve your recovery.
  • A chance to meet other people with challenges similar to your own. People who can truly relate and empathize with your struggles.
  • A chance to discuss and process not only the picking and pulling but the many ways it impacts your life in sometimes unexpected ways.
  • Improve relationship and interpersonal skills by practicing honest and compassionate communication in real time in the safe space of a therapist lead group.
  • Time with a therapist that specializes in trichotillomania and skin picking disorder at a 3rd of the per hour cost of individual therapy.

When:  Wednesdays. Ongoing indefinitely on a weekly basis. 

Costs: $50 per session, paid monthly.

“This group sounds perfect for me, but…”
Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions or concerns before signing up. These may be logistical, about readiness, severity of issues, or whatever is on your mind. What is important is that you get the help that you need, so let’s discuss what that might be.

Contact me today to reserve your seat in this group. Limited to just 10!

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