FAQ: Fees, Policies, Etc.

What if I live too far away to travel to the office in Austin for my counseling session?

For residents of Texas, I offer online sessions to spare you the travel time and expense. I use a program called VSee which works much like Skype, possibly simpler to use. VSee is free to use and has better privacy than Skype. Locals are of course welcome in office.

How much do counseling sessions cost?

My fee is $140 per Individual session effective September 1, 2017. $45 for Group therapy sessions. I understand that counseling can be a costly investment, so I offer a complimentary initial 20 minute consultation to make sure we are a good match for each other.   I offer a limited number sliding scale fee slots, currently those spots are full.

What is the difference between an initial consultation and a session?

The initial consultation is complementary and simply gives you and I a chance to meet and discuss what to expect in counseling. We can talk about what you want from therapy, answer any administrative questions, and see if we may be a good match for your therapy. This consultation is up to 20 minutes. A session will cover the above and continue for the full 50 minutes, allowing us to start the counseling process and work towards your goals. Sessions are charged at the full fee. Please let me know which you are planning at the beginning. I will usually book enough time for a full session, so if we reach the end of the consultation and you want to proceed, we may do so.

What methods of payment are available?

I accept cash, debit and credit cards (Visa and Mastercard), and checks.

What about insurance?

I will not bill your insurance for sessions, but I am happy to give you a receipt to submit for out of network reimbursement. My reasons for not directly utilizing insurance include protecting your privacy and providing the best treatment for your specific needs. Many insurance companies require a mental illness diagnosis, place restrictions on what you may work on in counseling, require paperwork including very personal information, and limit your treatment options.

What if I need to cancel an appointment?

If an appointment is missed with less than 24-hour advance notice, you will be billed the full fee for that session.  Cancellation/rescheduling messages may be left on my confidential voice mail 24/7 or emailed.

When will my appointment take place?

Individual Sessions are scheduled to take place between 11am and 5 pm Tuesday-Thursday. Meeting the same time each week can be helpful in planning, routine, and work schedule accommodations, so this option will be offered if a standing opening fits your schedule. We can also schedule week to week to adapt to inconsistent schedules.

How long are counseling sessions?

Sessions are 50 minutes. Most clients benefit most from weekly sessions, but  biweekly is available when appropriate.