Austin Therapists Taking NEW CLIENTS!

I am hearing so much in the media and from people contacting me that it seems no one is taking new clients. I know from the client side it so so frustrating and discouraging when you are finally ready to “make the call” and then find yourself in weeks or months of working your way down a list of referrals that turn into referrals or endless wait lists. This was a struggle before covid, and now more than ever our community needs mental health support and suddenly have the day time availability and flexibility to actually attend appointments.

No, I am not available fore new clients either since was I near capacity before covid and I always prioritize prior and current clients when scheduling. For most clients, getting on someone’s schedule is much more helpful then sitting on a wait list.

The relationship with your therapist matters so much more than specialties listed in their bio. Give someone a chance! If they don’t get you, talk to them about it and then move on if you can’t work it out. Odds are you still got something out the the experience. There is help out there!

Here are Austin area Therapists that ARE taking new clients as of 12/27/21.

Of course this may change, so I welcome feedback to remove someone who becomes full. This list is not curated and is just barely edited. I do NOT personally know most of them, so please use your own discretion. Each person listed volunteered for this listing and said they have competence in complex trauma, neurodivergence (ASD, ADHD, Sensory), perfectionism, and telehealth. If anything, this is a visual that there is help and an abundance of options. 


Adrienne M Koller

I am! I am telehealth, private pay though working on getting paneled, and am Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP) with EMDR training, CBT, DBT, and have immediate availability. I see adults and teens for individual.


Mary Mattis


Torre Tatem

Hi, I’m currently accepting new clients for telehealth and I’m private pay. I work with high achievers and Perfectionism.


Rachel Burgreen

Hi Priscilla! My team member Jessica Fink, LCSW-S has some availability and she is a great fit for that description. She is trained in CPT for the treatment of trauma and intensively trained in RODBT which is great for high functioning perfectionists. RODBT can also be helpful for ASD. Virtual and private pay,


Hannah Danielle

All our clinicians are Telehealth and taking new clients! Private pay.


Cairns Kathleen Sarah

We are accepting new clients. Our primary modality is EMDR therapy and work with a lot of attachment and complex trauma. Please feel free to give people our information:


Carly Ryan Bassett

Christina Fay, PsyD has openings and may be a good referral option. Teletherapy only.


Grace Dowd

We have a number of clinicians who are taking new clients


Nichelle Vizena

If you come across someone who is perinatal or experiencing infertility we are happy to help


Rob Novickas

 Happy to be included on your referral list as someone with teletherapy availability, private pay options. Thank you!


Samantha Rae

Hi Priscilla, I am taking new clients right now. I’m a NARM Therapist and specialize in complex trauma. I’m private pay and telehealth only.


Cristy Watson Ragland

We have some clinicians with openings at Pflugerville Counseling Center!


Adrienne Joy

Neurodivergence and Complex Trauma are some of our specialties! My associate, Beth Jackson, is taking new clients. Teleheath and private pay. Free 15 minute consults. Weekday and Saturday appts available.…/


Popovich Jenn

I am opening a space in Dripping Springs that will be in person or telehealth, and is private pay only. I am EMDR trained and trauma conscious yoga method trained. Please have each person state they were referred, as I am trying to keep referrals to those specifically aimed at my specialty.


Tressie Seegers Sharkey

I have immediate openings for adults and adolescents (starting at 14 yo) and a Tuesday art therapy process group starting at 5pm off W. Stassney Ln. for grades 9-12.


Melissa Georg Haney

Hi Priscilla. I have a few spots that opened up. Complex trauma/developmental trauma is my expertise. NARM, SE, PIT(The Meadows/codependency), ART, are some of the modalities I use in my work with clients. Client age range is usually mid 20’s – 60. My clients find me warm, empathic and easy to connect to. I’m on the “older” end of the age spectrum which some people find assuring. I expect my clients to work and collaborate.

Private pay/telehealth. I have a private outside space where I occasionally will see clients.


Andrea Marburger

I have a couple daytime openings. I specialize in trauma, anxiety, and perfectionism. Certified in CPT.


Maegan Molnar

I am located in Waco and offer telehealth. Private pay. Usually work with clients 18-45, a lot of college students. I am with Waco Therapy and Holistic Wellness Services


Neathery Falchuk

We also have openings!


Whitni F Toson

We are open. OON and telehealth.


Susan Gonzales Counseling

We are taking new clients virtually and in person!


Lisa Shenk

Complex trauma/attachment issues is right up my alley. Telehealth currently, Private pay w/ a few openings:


Monti Pal is NARM trained and is amazing.


Jennifer Hillier

Jennifer L. Hillier M.A. LPC & Cert. Clinical Trauma Professional (ACT, CBT, DBT,EMDR & TF-CBT) Most Insurance accepted & OON with superbill provided. Telehealth appointments only. Available on weekends. To learn more visit


Rachel Mattis

That’s me!


Magon Kunes

I am taking new clients. Insurance or private pay, telehealth only.


Ashlyn Riley

I have openings and would love to be an option!…/ashlyn-riley…/332815


Silke Morin

I have a few openings. I am a trauma certified, trained neuroscientist who works from a holistic, mindfulness based approach.


Kate Ngo

I have availability and would love to be added to your list! Available via telehealth & private pay.…/kate-doherty…/908029


Brittany Whallen

I have several great Associate Clinicians who have immediate openings and work with these issues you mentioned:


Liz Margaret

Would love to be considered to trauma and attachment issues. I’m trained in EMDR and trauma informed yoga. I recently relocated to Austin but am virtual and private pay for now. Thanks for considering me!


Diana Anzaldua

Austin Trauma Therapy Center has availability. We have sliding scale rates available and accept Aetna and BCBS. 512-270-8215


Kaymarie Henley Nutt

I have some daytime openings, private pay or accept United, Oxford, Oscar, Aetna. I am teletherapy only.


Erica Allys

I have openings in January! PP with some possible sliding scale availability. Telehealth.


Avery Garrett

I have openings and would love to be considered!…/avery-nicole…/902320


Em Sasser

Hello! Please consider sending clients my way. I enjoy working with highly intelligent, performing, perfectionist types, specifically clients in interfaith relationships, and parents in the postpartum period or with young children. Private pay $100 a session, via telehealth. Thanks!…/emily-sasser…/706397


Traci Webster Pirri

We have openings and have therapists who fit that bill exactly. Https://


Rachel Nicole

I have a few spots opening in the new year (even a select few coveted evening spots!). I work somatically + relationally and am getting certified in IFS. I end up working with a lot of complex trauma and types you described. Telehealth with superbill $125 and I offer a free 15 minute consult 512 561 6999


Teresa Franz

Me. I work with mostly women, lots of executives along those same issues. Private pay $150. Only telehealth


Liz Crain

I have openings available for adults for individual and group! I work with complex and relational trauma. Private pay. Telehealth and in-person.


Kristal DeSantis

We have clinicians who fit that criteria


Shelley Buck

Hi there, I’m throwing my hat in as well. I’m a graduate level intern completing the final year of my master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling. I work with individuals, LGBTQ+, couples & families, and have a real passion for working with children & adolescents (I have a B.A. in Child and Adolescent Development). Additionally, neurodivergence (and related behaviors) is a strong suit of mine.

I am being supervised by Angela Funke who runs Talk Therapy Austin where my bio is listed. I have immediate availability and very flexible virtual hours. PP $25.

TIA for your consideration,



Heather Lynn Jackson

Add me:

Heather Jackson LMFTA



Can do all of the things you listed, really love couples w ADHD, and also higher conflict couples.




Stephanie Anne

I have openings and would love to be considered. Thanks!


Mghn Burgess

Hi! I recently started private practice and I am slowly building a caseload. I am private pay only. Telehealth with a potential in person option in a month or two. I specialize with working with teens and adults of all ages in substance use and recovery from addiction, co-occuring diagnosis (esp. anxiety and depression), family of origin issues/ attachment, relationship struggles- especially codependency, identity confusion and life transitions. My preferred client is young adult 20-35. Check out my info here:


Renee Villanueva

Hi! I have openings as well. Private pay and Telehealth only.


Kristen Mulvihill

I have openings! Private pay, United, BCBS. In person in westlake and virtual


Sydney Lynn

We would love to be listed


LD Gonzalez

I’ll have openings mid-January. I specialize in anxiety, trauma, and moving through to professional performance. CPT and EMDR trained.…/vivid-living…/923828


Maria Garza

Hello this would be a great fit for me I have 3 openings left private pay and I’m accepting new clients adults neurodivergent , ADHD or Austistic


Courtney Garcia

I have openings and specialize in working with adult individuals working with intergenerational trauma, social justice, identity issues, relational/foo and boundary formation. I am very quick with email responses as well, as I understand the frustration that comes along with therapist communication and accessibility. I am PP and can do Telehealth and in- person, though may reassess in-person therapy due to the pandemic.

I would love to be on your list of referrals! I am supervised by Kimberley Mead. Here’s my info:


Claudia Ocampo

I would like to be included. Trauma, neurodivergence and attachment are my jam.


Crujiente Lotty

Hi Priscilla, would love to be included in the referral list! I have a couple of openings in January and specialize in the areas of healing complex trauma/attachment and neurodiversity affirmative. Lotty Ackerman…/lotty-ackerman…/423787


Brooke Howell Bishop

I am accepting new clients and I specialize in eating disorders!


Elizabeth Wheat

Hi I’m accepting new clients:)…/elizabeth…/911068


Jack Partain

I’m accepting clients! Telehealth or in-person in Plugerville.


LogoVita Pllc


Miri Suzanne

I have some availability.


Catherine Tillinghast Urquizu

I am taking new clients, telehealth only at the moment. Private pay, sliding scale.



Hellen Pennell

You have described my ideal client. I am taking new clients although virtual only and PP for now. EMDR trained and I use AEDP as my core theoretical stance.


Lacy Alana

I am an exact match for the things you noted!

Lacylcsw (at)


Charmaine Conner

I’m taking on new clients and I just hired a new clinician. Please use me a a referral


Geeti Shirazi Mahajan

I’m open, private pay, telehealth, focus on trauma, evening/wknd availability:


Rose Destany…/destany…/896795… ‪(512) 937-3991‬

I am a student but and I have three placements under my belt with an overage of hours. I have immediate openings. Sliding fee scale.


Megan Satterfield

I still have a couple of spots and work with women with relational trauma, FOO trauma, cptsd etc. Here is my information:


Julie Anne Nachman

Sounds like my Zone. Taking new adult clients private pay or Open Path Collective. Complex trauma using Somatic Experiential (SEP here) and Modern Attachment Theory since I first trained w Deborah Gray in 2005 (golly I’m old) lol. Also bring back Neurofeedback this spring (depending on COVID).

Julie Nachman, LCSW, SEP


Schawn Austin

My fedora is also tossed into the ring! Healinghistorycounseling.Com


Siobhan Stiglitz Florek

I’d love to be added to this list. I have a new private practice so definitely have openings. PP (including sliding scale) and telehealth only for now, EMDR-trained, experience with trauma, attachment issues, perfectionism, SPD and enjoy working with these issues. Siobhan Florek, LCSW:


Sydney Cabeza

I have current openings for both in person and virtual. Private pay and can provide a superbill. Ages 14+. I am trained in DBT, CPT, and EMDR.…/sydney-head…/874936