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“It’s just the Toaster.” Your Brain’s False Alarms

The brain takes care of so many important tasks, it stays quite busy whether we pay attention or not. Considering how busy it is and how fast it processes a constant stream of data, it is only natural that sometimes

Worksheet for Children to Log and keep track of their hair pulling and skin picking behaviors. Developed by Priscilla Elliott of Austin Texas.

Child Version of Picking & Pulling Log

Logging hair pulling and skin picking episodes is hard enough for adults and it can be especially daunting for children. I have created a simplified log designed to be more functional for a child’s needs. The spaces are larger to

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15 Do’s and Don’ts for Significant Others of People with Skin Picking or Trichotillomania.

Here is some guidance for significant others of people who pick or pull. It can be challenging to be in a relationship with someone who struggles with skin picking or hair pulling. As a significant other, you want your partner to

Priscilla Elliott Trauma Trichotillomania Skin Picking Therapist in Austin, Texas

The Role of Trauma in Trichotillomania, Skin Picking Disorder, & Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors

The Role of Trauma in Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors Here is what I see over and over again in my counseling practice. Someone comes in for their skin picking or hair pulling problem (trichotillomania), collectively known as Body Focused Repetitive

It can be helpful to keep track of skin picking, hair pulling (Trich), and other BFRBs when trying to manage them. This log keeps track of patterns in the behavior including several triggers and interventions.

Free Download: Log to track Skin Picking, Trichotillomania, and other Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors (BFRBs).

Tracking can be a helpful part of effective treatment for Trichotillomania (Hair Pulling Disorder), Skin Picking Disorder (Dermatillomania, Excoriation Disorder), and other Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors (BFRBs). Here is a log that I created in excel to track your own picking/pulling/chewing.

Many people who struggle with trichotillomania and skin picking disorder find using fidgets helpful.

What is Comprehensive Behavioral Therapy for Trichotillomania, Skin Picking Disorder, and other Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors?

I get these questions a lot: What is Comprehensive Behavioral Therapy (ComB)? What is is for? Does it work? It says its for Trichotillomania, so why use it for skin picking, chewing, and other body focused repetitive behaviors? Comprehensive Behavioral Therapy, or

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Announcing New Therapy Group!

I am starting a new therapy group in Austin, Texas that is just for people who struggle with picking, hair pulling, and chewing compulsions. So if you or someone you know struggles with trichotillomania, skin picking disorder, or another body

Do I need more than Weekly Counseling?

Weekly counseling/psychotherapy tends to be the default frequency for sessions. There are studies that back this up as efficient and effective. It also allows for a consistent weekly rhythm for sessions. For various reasons, some clients may benefit from more

The Brain on Hard Conversations

Here is an excellent video that explains how the brain and nervous system get involved, and in the way, during interpersonal situations. Our brain’s perception of our safety is not always logical and reasonable. Everyday situations can wake up the

Trichotillomania Resources for Schools

Trichotillomania Learning Center has published free resources for schools. Stress,adjustment, and boredom from sitting in classrooms frequently trigger picking and pulling. It is all too common for relapse in recovery from picking and pulling when a new semester starts .