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Your Nervous System- Trauma, Anxiety, and Relationships

I am not a “smoke and mirrors” therapist. I like to understand and help my client understand what is happening in their brain, bodies, and relationships both psychologically and physiologically. We start with simplified versions of the nervous system anatomy

Junk Drawer Guide to Meditation

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Meditation and mindfulness do not come easy to everyone. Unfortunately, those who need it the most are frequently the very people who struggle with it the most. Our symptoms, bodily pains, and mental chatter become such a distraction that we

8 Self Help Tips from Somatic Experiencing Trauma Therapy

I am frequently asked about how clients may use the benefits of Somatic Experiencing trauma therapy in their everyday lives. These may be to provide comfort or healing in between therapy sessions or as part of a self help efforts.

SEP? What is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner? Trauma Treatment

Priscilla Elliott Trauma Trichotillomania Skin Picking Therapist in Austin, Texas

This week I had the honor of receiving the new title of Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and can finally put 3 more letters behind my name, SEP. While other trauma informed psychotherapists know what this means, I realize that most of the general

“It’s just the Toaster.” Your Brain’s False Alarms

Priscilla Elliott Trauma Trichotillomania Skin Picking Therapist in Austin, Texas

The brain takes care of so many important tasks, it stays quite busy whether we pay attention or not. Considering how busy it is and how fast it processes a constant stream of data, it is only natural that sometimes

The Role of Trauma in Trichotillomania, Skin Picking Disorder, & Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors

Priscilla Elliott Trauma Trichotillomania Skin Picking Therapist in Austin, Texas

The Role of Trauma in Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors Here is what I see over and over again in my counseling practice. Someone comes in for their skin picking or hair pulling problem (trichotillomania), collectively known as Body Focused Repetitive

The Brain on Hard Conversations

Here is an excellent video that explains how the brain and nervous system get involved, and in the way, during interpersonal situations. Our brain’s perception of our safety is not always logical and reasonable. Everyday situations can wake up the

What is Trauma?

When I talk about trauma in therapy, I am referring to how the nervous system responds as opposed to a specific event that occurred. Trauma impacts people when they perceive they or a loved one is in danger. Danger may